• Reformed 18ct yellow and white Gold Ring with diamonds •

From three extremely sentimental rings Rachel has created the most magical and perfect ring. With great care and attention she listened to everything I asked for and designed a ring that is unique and beautiful. Her design encompasses everything I wanted and more, taking something treasured and creating a new ring that is absolutely stunning. Rachel is lovely – friendly, approachable and professional. If you are looking for a jewellery designer who will make your dreams come true then please contact Rachel, she is amazing.

Rebecca Woodward, 2016

• 22ct Recycled Gold Wedding Rings •

“I inherited my father’s wedding ring when he sadly passed away last year. I had really hoped to incorporate it into a ring for either myself or my husband to be, but wasn’t sure how to achieve this.
Rachel was wonderfully helpful every step of the way from design to creation, and she was able to advise us on how best to achieve what we wanted. This resulted in us having two beautiful rings made, both of which incorporated the gold from Dad’s ring. Rachel was very friendly and approachable as well as professional and worked with us with design suggestions and advice.
We are so happy that for the rest of our lives we will be wearing rings designed for us, that incorporate the gold from a much loved parent.We would highly recommend Rachel’s services.”

Karen Rynch – 2013

• 9ct Gold Rings w/ Reiki Hare Design •

“This design was created for our Civil Partnership. We had no form in mind but with Rachel talking to us and getting an idea of what we liked and what meant something to us she created these wonderful rings. They combine mystical hares with meaningful Reiki symbols. We can’t recommend her artistic flair and technical ability highly enough. Thank you Rachel.”

Helen Ritchie & Ann Fewtrell – 2012

• White Gold Art Deco Wedding Ring •

“From the first moment that I contacted Rachel to talk about designing my wedding ring she was the epitomy of helpfulness. She followed my quite vague brief amazingly, creating an incredible ring that both my husband and I love. She also created a design that I loved that fit perfectly into our budget. I would reccomend her to anybody. Thank you Rachel.”

Vivian Taranto – 2012

• His & Hers Palladium Wedding Rings •

“A big thank you for our wedding rings they really are fantastic, we and everyone love that they are unique and there is a story about how they were designed to fit the beautiful engagement ring you made, that the contours of the wedding rings follow each other and the engagement ring and all fit together. To have something so unique, to have been involved in their design makes it all so more meaningful- thankyou.”

James & Nicola Peach, 2012

• Palladium Blossom Wedding Ring •

“Deciding to have something as special as a wedding ring made especially for you is quite daunting but after my initial meeting with Rachel I felt immediately at ease. Rachel was excellent in keeping me updated throughout the entire process. She responded quickly to all my emails and questions about the initial designs and after being sent a range of drawings I finally decided on a design which Rachel put together using all my favourite elements from her sketches. I didn’t want a colourful piece but since my favourite colour is purple I wanted that to be included somewhere. The ideas for the blossoms and hydrangea design was an easy choice for they are two of my favourites; hydrangeas being one of our wedding flowers. The finished piece is wonderful. At the beginning, it is difficult to imagine a pencil drawing coming to life but I am delighted with the result. Rachel’s initial vision and the intricate detail of the completed ring is everything I wanted and I can’t wait to wear it every day!”

Gemma Green, 2010

• Palladium Art Nouveau Style Ring •

“I approached Rachel to commission a ring for my partner, not really knowing exactly what I wanted. Rachel worked closely with me to provide several options at a range of budgets, and then continued to refine the design as the beautiful ring emerged. The craftsmanship is exceptional and both my partner and I are delighted with the results. Rachel’s open-minded help and advice along the way ensured the perfect outcome. Thanks!”

Adam Vaughan, 2011

• Palladium Wedding Ring •

“It’s a big decision choosing Jewellery and none more so than for a wedding ring. I had looked around for something unique and still felt there was something more out there. When I spoke to Rachel everything fell in to place. I talked about a design with swallows and then she showed me some art pages in a book to spark the imagination and so that we both knew what style I did and didn’t like. I had given Rachel a bit of a deadline – as I had left it a little late to buy the ring – She gave me the time I need straight away and she was even able to make the ring completely by hand so that everything was ready in time for my wedding. I must admit I wondered if I had took a risk buying a ring I had only seen on paper, but Rachel Helen put her heart in to the piece and I know there was some real creative energy that went in to my ring to make it completely unique and just for me – The resulting piece was everything I wanted.”

Helen Lawson, 2009

• 18ct Golden Hare Necklace •

“I have been attracted to the Kit Williams/golden hare story since it first came to the publics’ attention… I wanted to have a piece of jewellery made for Rosey and my motivation for this coincided with the 30th anniversary of the publication of the Kit William’s book – so the two ideas came together, a piece of jewellery modelled on the original hare. Conducting the design process via email and telephone worked perfectly well, thanks to Rachel’s fantastic (and accurate) illustrations and her reliable communication and honesty. On first sight of the hare: Rosey was very surprised at the size of the piece and it’s impact. It was larger than she anticipated. She was struck by the intracacy and detail. It is beautiful. Rosey particularly likes the way that the hare has been cut and the setting of the jewells. She really enjoys wearing the hare as people are very interested in looking at it. She feels spoilt (I am pleased she does). I think that the hare has exceeded all my expectations. I knew it would be good. It is actually fantastic.”

Paul Darbyshire, 2010

• Sterling Silver Horse Necklace •

“I loved the design of the necklace. I have horses but never usually buy anything with horses on as the design is usually very traditional and not really my taste, but the stylised finish of this necklace is beautifully original and I wear it continuously.”

R. Burn, 2009